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Roaring Like a Lion

The unexpected can bring delight to the soul. That's what I feel today as I enjoy this "inclement weather" day in Dallas. Who would've thought the weather would change so rapidly from 80 degree temperatures on Friday and Saturday to 30 degrees (and lower) on Sunday (in March)? So rather than entertain and teach little ones today I am doing that for myself and my three girls. Just like this beautiful month of March roared in like a lion, I plan to roar into this day, giving it the best I've got, not wasting a moment. I dedicate this day to the Lord, as He is the giver of life in the first place. He is the one who puts true joy in my soul. He is the source of my smiles and hope. Too many of us whimper through life like abandoned puppies when we should be roaring like the king of the jungle! What is there to lose? If you think about it, there's a lot to lose. I refuse to be like those who look back with regret on their lives. The Lord has given me this day...and I will rejoice in it. How about you?

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