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To My Fellow Educators

A new school year has begun. This is my 10th year teaching little ones how to read, write, understand history, and critically think about problems and societal issues. I've weathered the storm at numerous schools and have grown from each experience. Each year gets better because God is growing me in the process, sanctifying me, turning those weaknesses into strengths or at least showing me that HE has my back and will cover those weak spots for me. I've met such beautiful children over the years and can honestly say that I loved them all and hope that my short 9 months of time with them was impactful enough to plant a seed that will bloom fully in their futures. God has shown me that it's my honor to educate these children of God yearly and that it's an amazing adventure. not a job to dread. He's changed my perspective into one that sees the true power behind shaping minds and being a light in the midst of darkness. Wow...He never ceases to blow my mind each time I reflect on His marvelous deeds. Happy New School Year to those who teach our children, whether you work in a public school, private school or homeschool. I salute you for your dedication and love that only fellow teachers can truly comprehend! Bless you! Make this your best year yet! We work as to the Lord, not unto men.

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