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Is The Clock Your Dictator or God?'s been a crazy, busy year! I thought 2010 was busy, but I've been constantly surprised at the hectic schedule that's come upon me. I often wonder if it's God pushing me to do more or if it's my flesh distracting me from what I'm really supposed to be doing first, which is seek God's will each and everyday. It's so easy to get caught up in life, especially as a mother and wife. If we're not careful, moms, we'll see 20 years pass us by with no real fruit or harvest because we're sowing seeds in the wrong garden. Today I spent some quality time outside with my husband and daughters and enjoyed just walking and viewing nature and other people. Fall's my favorite time of the year and it's here (woo hoo). Praise God for the beauty of the wind blowing, colorful leaves decorating the grass, the State Fair of Texas, and the upcoming season of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm glad I'm still living and even more joyful that the Lord has told me to take a deep breath, relax in His presence, and enjoy the family He's given me. I refuse to let my teaching job take over my life...that's not what God intended. What He wants is for me and other moms to seek Him first, love and respect our husbands, love and nurture our children, and then handle everything else...including the dirty house last! We've got to prioritize what God said to do first and He'll help us work out the rest. So I'm off to relax...and no, I'm not going to spend another minute today worrrying about cleaning my house. You do the same...

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