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CD Recording Is Done

Last night, I finished recording our final two songs, "Fill You Up" and "Can't Nobody Love Me." It's been a 9 month process...and I'm ready to finally give birth to this baby. I thank God for people along the way who've been so helpful, like my husband Bert, who I'm discovering more each day is chock full of talent and insight, and Charles Reece, whose professionalism and talent have been a blessing to our project. I'm proof that dreams don't have to stay on hold's our choice to beat procrastination and fear and get out there and do what God has called us to do. Children, marriage, and full time jobs don't have to be the end of our lives and dreams that we had before we "settled down." They are actually added blessings that I believe God sends us to keep us reminded of His omnipotence and ability to do anything we don't have the power to do.

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